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Rev. Lynnette Dinehart

Lynnette Dinehart is a gifted vocalist, manager, and philanthropist. Her business experience began with City Meat Company of Tampa in the 80s. She successfully helped manage the company for many years, performing inventory, accounting practices, and management responsibilities. During these years while also pursuing a singing career, Lynnette was fortunate to be involved with fundraising events.

One of which was well-received in Tampa, Fl., utilizing her gift to assist in raising funds for a Special Olympics benefit event. In the 90s she then went back to school and received a professional Barbers license. For several years she practiced her profession until meeting her husband Keith William Dinehart. They were wed in 1993 and they both became actively involved in humanitarian endeavors by helping homeless men and women. As a team, they opened up several housing facilities and a food pantry assisting many in need. They founded a corporation Friends of Tampa Bay and Lynnette was the vice president and accounting manager.

She has been a successful wife and mother of two and still managed to balance the budgets of both her home and her philanthropic businesses. Her past experiences have equipped her for the work both she and her husband have been actively pursuing for over twenty years. After leaving Tampa, Fl. in 2007 with her husband Keith, they moved to Marble, N.C., and found similar problems affecting those here in the Appalachian Mountains. They also became directly involved with First Nations issues and discovered much pain still remained from the “Trail of Tears” which began in this area.

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